Still mildly bullish [Long $AAPL]

It felt a little dumb to come long this weekend and seeing the initial dip, which got bought rather promptly, propelling AAPL and several other names in positive territory. AAPL long trade continues to look good, as it continues to print a bull-flag, with a 600 as a breakout trigger. With AAPL raising more money for buyback I think, selling PUTs will continue to be a good defensive strategy even if AAPL just continues to churn at these levels. CMG and TSLA also looks good for momentum trade, if market continues to stay in positive territory. So far no trades today!




Flat friday (Long AAPL)

Well this is my first blog! LOL

Looks like uncertainty amid Ukraine crisis going into the weekend probably got us early morning sell-off. Market closed flat, although I was suspecting a little more opex sell-offs like on previous Fridays. Market closed on smudge red interestingly with the exception of AAPL. Despite choppiness SPY continues to be near all time high, and QQQ is also not far behind. I got long via AAPL call spreads. It almost tested 600 which surprisingly is also 52 week high. Guess 700 test happened a long-long time ago, time passes fast. Haha


Have a good weekend Folks!Image